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The Pictor Factory Academy project

Pictor Factory Academy initiative is an innovative Pictor Academy project that bringstogether artists and market by ensuring quality, ethics, accessibility, freedom of choice. Pictor Academy extends its services by offering the artists the opportunity to meet the collectors and, more generally, the public, through a website gallery.

The site, guaranteed by Pictor Academy reliability, presents artists in tune with the mission of the Academy which has been working for more than 30 years in the world of contemporary art by supporting its popularization and knowledge through training programs, meetings, international competitions, exhibitions and projects in collaboration with museums, public and private bodies.

Pictor Factory Academy artists agree to an Ethical Manifesto promoted by Pictor and they are presented by a critical and biographical file that makes its reading easier, plus a certificate of guarantee of originality and uniqueness of the work with Pictor Factory Academy brand. The works presented on the site can be purchased or the artist will be able to agree on the realization of specific work on commission directly with a private person. The work, in addition to being a unique and personalized work of art, is characterized by the added value of the quality trademark issued by Pictor Factory Academy. Moreover, for every purchase of a work 10% will be assigned in favour of a scholarship for young artists at Accademia Pictor.

From collecting, interior design, the enjoyment of everyday life, Pictor Factory Academy wants to offer a dual opportunity to allow everyone to have a work of art and at the same time to give the artists the possibility to carry on their work thanks to a support that comes from an innovative point of view of design and artistic enjoyment. In short: an invitation to collecting for everyone!

The Manifest of Ethics

In line with its mission of art ethics Pictor Factory Academy promotes a manifesto where the artists, who participate in exhibitions, initiatives and project activities organized by the association, agree to and subscribe.

Each artist, even if they keep their stylistic identity and content, in harmony with a positive and constructive idea of the human being, the environment, the animal world and nature, commit themselves to express in their work the following points:

  • Images and topics based on the possibility of hope and non-violence.
  • Attention to the dignity of people through languages not related to racial, cultural, religious and political prejudices.
  • Respect to the human body, avoiding any situations of physical violence in any field.
  • No explicit reference to political messages or religious propaganda, while remaining free to express their thoughts and beliefs with appropriate instruments.
  • Suitable messages to children and adolescents with contents which do not affect their harmonious development.
  • No use of images referring to children, animals, figures in general, in manipulating and violent contexts.

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